Our vision and mission

Since the arrival of the lockdown in South-Africa because of Covid-19 in 2020,
the ADK has still continued with the teaching of drama by providing distance classes
over the internet. Nothing will stand in the way of us bringing the arts to life!

When it became known that most of the national arts festivals had to be cancelled, the ADK, which has been in existence for 80 years, and with 11 branches nationally, decided to still give learners the opportunity to show their talent, through a Virtual Arts Festival!

Thus, we are creating a platform for schools and studios, where their learners can practice their culture and still receive recognition therefore.
Ballet on Pointe and Musicnova came in collaboration with the ADK , and set out to start a virtual arts festival for Dance, Drama and Music.

The ADK Virtual Arts Festival is unique, one of a kind and dynamically changing.
It is with great expectation and excitement that we look forward to this festival!

Let the arts live on!

Dates for enrolments:

1-31 August: Drama

1-30 September: Dance

1-31 October: Music

Entry fee per item: R50

The categories for drama are as follows:

  • Poetry
  • Prose 
  • Monologue (no movement)
  • Bible prose
  • Prepared reading 
  • Advertisement (Original, with an unbranded product)
  • Public speaking 

The categories for dance are as follows:

BALLET-Classical ballet 

BALLET- Demi-character 








OPEN - Any dance not covered in the above sections




Any piece from any style period eg. Baroque, Classical, Romantic etc.
Pre-grade 1 to grade 8 as prescribed for Unisa, ABRSM, Trinity.
Own choice acceptable - but not contemporary music.

SOLO: Piano, Classical guitar, Harp
DUET/ENSEMBLE: Piano, Classical guitar, Harp
SOLO: Any instruments (Unaccompanied)
DUET/ENSEMBLE: Any instruments (Unaccompanied)
SOLO: Other instruments (With piano accompaniment)
DUET/ENSEMBLE: Other instruments (With piano accompaniment)
SOLO: Vocal (With piano accompaniment)
DUET/ENSEMBLE: Vocal (With piano accompaniment)


Any musical style, eg. Pop, Folk, Country etc.

SOLO/DUET/ENSEMBLE: Instrumental with backtrack
SOLO/DUET/ENSEMBLE: Instrumental with piano accompaniment
SOLO/DUET/ENSEMBLE: Vocal with backtrack
SOLO/DUET/ENSEMBLE: Other instruments (With piano accompaniment)

By enrolling in the ADK Virtual Arts Festival, the participant agrees to all the rules and regulations of the ADK Virtual Arts Festival.

Please note that all items are the participant’s own choice.No item may be presented more than once.

Entry fee per item:R50

The section/ category code and item number must be correct, otherwise the participant will not be judged. Time allowed per item: 2 minutes maximum.
Application forms must be filled out completely.


A maximum amount of 1 000 entries per dance, drama or music section will be accepted for the Festival.


Participants take part in the age group according to the 2020 school year in which the participant is currently in.


There is no limit to how many items a participant enters, provided that the participant does not enter the same category twice.


Copyright should always be respected and if a published work or a published piece of music is used, the writer or composer must be credited and the name must be mentioned at the end of the video. At the dance section a copy of SAMRO’s licence for the music must be provided.


Participants may not participate in more than one age category in the same department section.


Adjudicators are not allowed to judge their own students, children or family.




All specifications regarding the videos must be followed exactly, and the videos that do not meet the requirements of each category will not be judged. There will be one video standard maintained throughout each category.


Your entry, payment and the upload of the video should be done simultaneously. If all three are not done at the same time, your entry will not be accepted
Make sure that the name and surname of the participant is spelled correctly as certificates will be issued accordingly. No changes will be made afterwards.


GUIDELINES FOR THE RECORDING: Will be posted on this website under: Category rules and regulations

Register to be notified when entries open: