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Professional Licentiate Certificate in Drama: ADK

The Academy of Dramatic Art offers a three year, part-time drama course (Senior ADK–certificate and licentiate)  for high school students and adults, as well as a three year, part-time drama course (Junior ADK-certificate) for high school students.  The course is a practical drama course.  This course aims to develop basic drama skills that will form the basis of stage-, radio-, film-, television and all other forms of public performances.

Instruction includes a one hour individual drama lesson per week (together with one other student), as well as group class once a week which mostly consists of rehearsals for productions.  Classes take place during the school and university terms of  the Gauteng department of Education.   As is the case with all part-time courses, it is very important that the necessary preparation is regularly done at home, as needed.



Individual instruction refers to individual attention, but with one other student in the class.  The instruction is adjusted to and by the needs of the student.  Attention is given to the interpretation of poetry, prose and dramatized works as well as the development of voice, observation capacity and posture and movement.



The course content is:

  • Voice training on stage and for radio
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Theatre training
  • Camera training


The above-mentioned is practically applied with the studying off:

  • Monologues
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Improvisations
  • Stage performances
  • Camera courses


The content as outlined above is spread over the first, second and third years and the studying thereof gets more intense each year.

The syllabus of the Junior course is the same as that of the Senior course, but the level is less advanced.  The duration is also 3 years.

A practical examination is taken at the end of each year to test the student’s progress regarding aspects covered in the course.


First Year:

A program with an ongoing theme that includes performance and training of the following:

–      poem

–        monologue

–        dramatized prose

A short course in radio work in a recording studio.


Second Year:

A program with an ongoing theme that includes the following:               –        monologue (heavier work such as a Greek tragedy or Shakespeare)

–        poem

–        prose


A mandatory camera course must be attended.



(note that the junior course does not cover Shakespeare or Greek works.)


Third Year:


A program with an ongoing theme that includes the following:               –        monologue

–        monologue- written by student

–        dialogue

–        poem

–        directing of a one act


(note that the junior course does not include the directing of a one act, nor does it require the student to write their own monologue)




The regular attendance of group classes/rehearsals is mandatory.


A choice is given to the student to do an assignment on any of the following:


First Year Theory:

Physiology of speech

South African playwrights

Old Greek tragedies and comedies

Second Year Theory:

– What is a play?

–  What is poetry?

–  What is dramatized prose?

–  What are monologues?

–  The differences between dramatized prose and monologues?

–  What is a dialogue?


If the topics above have already been covered in the junior drama diploma, the options are:

– Theatre of the absurd

– Protest theatre in South-Africa


Third Year Theory:

A theoretical exposition of what a production is with reference to the following:

–  lighting

–  sound

–  movement

–  décor design

–  props

Work assignment of the direction of a one act play for JUNIOR.

Production of a one act play for SENIOR.




At the end of the three year course a Professional Licentiate Certificate in Drama is issued to the students who passed.


A year mark is compiled as follows:

Class mark (out of 100)

Examination mark (out of 100)

Assignment mark (out of 100)


This mark is processed to a final mark out of 100.

At the Academy of Dramatic Art students are expected to attend classes regularly and to do regular preparation.

The lecturers reserve the right to refuse examination admission to any student that has been absent without a valid reason more than two times a term from individual or group class.

Students are required to enter into a written contract between the student and the ADK at the beginning of each year.